DocHub easily captures unstructured information from any digital source. All collected information is stored, viewed, and used in a single workspace. This allows users to browse, enrich, and edit information collected from various sources from within a single application

Through our API, any application can be integrated with DocHub acting as producer or consumer of information.Teams can enrich and modify shared documents by holding text discussions, editing information of any file type, and attaching all supporting materials to a final document

Addressing Issues

  • Most of organization spend significant amount of money for printing documents which has a short life time. You can set up which can be printed and which is not with DocHub to reduce the cost
  • Giving right access to the right documents will minimize the confidential information flowing to the wrong hand
  • Agility of the business is a key element in the current context. Having access to the documents when and where you need from any corner of the world will change the working culture dramatically.

What We Offer

  • Document versioning
  • Digital signatures
  • User defined document metadata -Document Management Systems rely on key information for classification and easy access to the documents. The information is about relevant content of the file. It can be an Invoice number, the date in a receipt, what the document is about like ‘Sales Report’ type
  • Documents can be uploaded from different sources
  • API integration to other systems
  • Advanced access control system
  • Previews for many file formats
  • Automatic duplicate document scanning
  • Non destructive image transformations
  • Automatic extraction of file metadata
  • Colour coded tags
  • Office document format support
  • Full text searching -Documents can be searched by their text content, their metadata or any other file attribute such as name, extension, etc.
  • Automatic OCR processing
  • Customizable Workflows
  • Data security and integrity and many more

  • Workflow management
  • Document previsualization
  • Version control
  • Metadata
  • Dashboard
  • Task manager
  • Calendar
  • OCR
  • Email & notification
  • Desktop sync
  • Digital Signature Client
  • PDF Tools
  • Descriptive and predicative analytics
  • Small,medium and large scale companies
  • Law firm
  • Government organization
  • Any types of document mangement requirements