WorkHub is a comprehensive cloud-based software solution that provides robust capabilities for Planning, Scheduling, Executing, Acceptance Testing, Monitoring, and Managing individual Work Orders (Service Orders) and projects effectively.

Addressing Issues

  • Poor visibility of individual work order’s criticality and priorities in complex asserts distribution
  • Lack of understanding on internal team capacity , performance and availability
  • Lack of visibility of service vendor’s work order completion, work order status , workmanship and payments
  • Lack of agility in the job costing based on the contextual parameters
  • Lack of Information accuracy and data duplication in manual processes
  • Sub optimized workflows and practises in business processes which generates low business values
  • Lack of overall visibilities of entire operation with real-time data for better decision making
  • Lack of data visualization where the users can easily understand and digest
  • Lack of information about on-going project’s milestone completion , issues ,resources utilization , parallel and sequential task , task dependency and project overall status
  • Lack of availability of predictive analytics
  • Lack of risk management capabilities

What We Offer

  • Work order category wise Configurable Workflow
  • Work order BOQ
  • On site, real-time data capturing from carefully designed mobile app
  • Off-line data capturing
  • API integration to other systems
  • Photo based task workmanship verification
  • Process re-engineering
  • Zero overhead data visualization
  • Data since based predictive analytics
  • Cloud accessibility
  • Pay as you go based affordable licensing model
  • Data security and integrity and many more

  • Work order requisition management
  • Site survey management
  • Work order fulfilment management
  • Work order monitoring
  • Job execution management
  • Material management
  • Acceptance testing
  • Job costing
  • Project management
  • KPI and performance monitoring
  • Descriptive and predicative analytics
  • Small,medium and large scale companies Maintenance Department
  • Water Board
  • Electricity Board
  • Cleaning Service
  • Any types of distributed work order management